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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  December 14, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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good morning. we have developing news out of southern california. a big earthquake struck in the pacific ocean. we have the latest on possible tsunami warnings. we are live in fremont where employees are set to meet earlier this morning where a fire destroyed their company yesterday. we'll have the latest. they fake and they are here in the bay area. the scam that vallejo police are warning you to look out for. clouds are increasing but what about any rain? would we get any out of this? and also as we head into the weekend. time now for the ktvu channel 2 morning news.
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good morning. thank you for joining us on this friday morning, december 14th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check weather, traffic. steve you have pam wearing a sweater. >> it was cold yesterday. >> all day i was cold. >> it's cloudy out there right now. we had clear skies for awhile. a lot of that cold air is trapped. a little system coming down the coast. could be a little mixed presip. highs today very cool. mainly low 50s. here is sal. good morning. right now traffic on interstate 680 looks pretty good -- let me turn that radio down. 680 looks good as you pass mission boulevard. also this morning's commute is looking good on the san mateo bridge. it's clear and cold. but no traffic problems. let's go back to dave and pac. at 5:00 we are starting with developing news coming in now. there was a big earthquake just
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off the southern california coast. it was a magnitude 6.3. this hit about 2:30 this morning. about 163 miles south, southwest of avlon, california. no tsunami warning has been issued. no word yet of any injuries or damage. also new developments in fremont where that huge fire destroyed a machine shop but the owners say they will be back and quickly resume operations. ktvu lorraine blanco is right outside cnh enterprises. i know dozens of employees want to know if they will still have a job lorraine. >> reporter: yeah they do want to know that this morning. and management will meet to try to figure out how they will move forward. right now a fire crew is on scene here. you can still see smoke coming out of cnh. it's difficult to make out that smoke in the dark but you can definitely smell it it here.
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the three alarm fire started around 1:45 yesterday afternoon. the flames and smoke were so heavy and the chemicals inside that machine shop were so combustible firefighters had to battle it from the outside. all 80 or so she employees got out safely but the building was destroyed. management will meet to figure out how to go forward and at this point the director of operations tells us employees are the top priority. >> we just need to work with the insurance company find a place we can either temporarily get set up or permanently and start bringing new machines in. >> reporter: he estimates millions of dollars in damage. the family own business. employees will be taken care of during the holiday season. that is good news. they will continue to be paid while management figures out what to do next. lorraine blanco ktvu channel 2 news. pg&e is rechecking more than 1500 sections of under
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ground electrical equipment because of inspections that may not have happened. according to the san francisco chronicle the company suspects some workers lied about completing the inspections. eight employees have been fired or suspended. pg&e has hired 48 additional inspectors and they hope to have all the equipment checked by the end of the year. most of it is in southern alameda county and the south bay. vallejo police are warning of a scam of a popular holiday gift. fake ipad sold on the street. tara moriarty joins us live. >> reporter: police say they found a stash of fake ipad boxes inside of a car. and they don't know exactly how much the person was intending to sell them for but they believe it was cheaper than what ipads normally go for which is between $300 and $800. inside of those boxes there was a replica ipad that was made out of a picture frame.
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it was wrapped with duct tape to mimic the back of similar ipad models. and to throw them off more it was wrapped in bubble wrap to hide its true feature. it's unknown where they were going to be sold. we are not sure if this was part of a larger ring. so just remember to open up every product and inspect it before purchasing it. while customers are doing their christmas shopping, police say they are going to be stepping up patrols in vallejo around shopping centers and in the downtown area. live from vallejo i'm tara moriarty. sentencing today for a san francisco school cafeteria worker convicted of several sexual assaults. he was convicted of attacking three women in the mission district last year. one of the victims was beaten unconscious. dozer could get life in prison. the fifth suspect charge is
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scheduled to face a judge today. the victims were found bagged and gagged in the middle of brases l street. the victims and suspects knew each other. the final suspect 19-year-old tyler miller is facing charges of accessories to murder and destroying evidence. barry bonds goes back to court in february. he will be appealing his obstruction of justice conviction. back in april 2011 barry bonds was convicted of one felony obstruction count for giving an evasive rambling answer in front of a grand jury when he was asked if he received drugs that required a syringe. new this morning there is
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more fallout from that royal phone hoax. about a dozen workers at the australian radio station behind the prank call have been moved to safe houses. ten radio executives now have around the clock bodyguards due to death threats. meanwhile british investigators are disclosing new information about the three suicide notes left by the nurse. two were found in the room while the other was among her personal possessions. one dealt with a phone call. another focused on her funeral. while the third criticized hospital coworkers. president obama and house speaker john boehner met at the white house to talk about the end of year fiscal cliff. no progress to report. coming up at 5:15 the new strategy our washington, d.c. newsroom is hairing about that involve -- that is hearing about that involves sending the country over the fiscal cliff. sal is back. he's ready to tell us about our
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friday morning. >> you know it actually is off to a very nice start. we were look at some of that road work. it's been picked up in many areas if that is very good news. also checking in with public transportation. so let's go outside and take a look at 80 westbound as you head out to the mccarthur maze. no major problems here and it looks good from vallejo all the way to berkeley and the bay bridge toll plaza and. and a lot of people want to know what the toll plaza looks like. san jose and the santa clara valley northbound 101 and 280 doing very well. northbound 17 traffic also looks very well. it is 5:07 let's go to steve. sal. i just had my first tweet from cal hollow. >> really? >> well i love getting information from the city. all the little neighborhoods. always tweet me sp weather if it's raining or cloudy. we have a system coming in. very weak system. again it's just going to go parallel to the coast. it will give us a lot of cloud cover and very little rain.
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in fact, those near the coast i think most will stay offshore. in this kind of pattern it looks good. but we can still see read starting to pick up. there could be a little bit postal areas. but again these systems when they split and when the low goes parallel to the coast it's really, really tough to generate rain. 30s on the temps. you can see i just think the cloud cover will stop cooling of the atmosphere now. still though a lot of that cold air is trapped. so it's going to be a tough day to warm up past upper 40s or low 50s. our system is splitting. you can see as it comes in watch as it backs off. that all take a lot of that rain away from us. that close. it's that close. cloudy, cool. light rain very, very chilly hay temps today. in fact, i don't think they travel very high. unless you are right by the bay. then you might get mid 50s. otherwise it's upper 40s and low 50s. mostly cloudy with your weekend in view.
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usually confidence level is a plus or something. it's a b minus year. so mostly cloudy. cloudy cool. off and on rain is possible into sunday. things look a little more promising for rain. time now 5:09. ocean waters spread into the low lying communities along the coast yesterday and we're expecting another day when usually high king tides. the high water is always out of how the sun, moon, and earth line up. this time the water levels are very high. the king tide pushed water levels above seven feet. parts of the bay trail were completely under water. >> the birds it effects the trail as you can see the trail has been indated. and so this is something that doesn't happen very even every year. >> the high tide is expected to hit us again today between 11:00 and 12:30 this afternoon. right now it's 5:09. and a southern california judge is in hot water this morning.
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[ female announcer ] go from zero to pizza in just 60 seconds with totino's pizza rolls and grab a bite of snack-defying, satisfying... because pizza...never...misses. it's on. let's roll. good morning, to you. welcome back. a southern california judge is
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being publicly scolded because he said a rape victim did not put up a fight while she was being attacked. a man threatened to mutilate the face and body parts of an exgirlfriend and allegedly raped her. the california commission on judicial performance says the judge's comments were inappropriate and a breech of judicial ethics. new this morning defense secretary leon panetta sending defense to turkey. >> we deploying two patriot batteries here to turkey. along with the troops that are necessary to man those batteries. so that we can help turkey have the kind of missile defense it may very well need in dealing with threats that come out of syria. >> defense secretary panetta made the announcement this morning while meeting with u.s. troops at an air base in
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turkey. 400 u.s. troops will be assigned to the missiles. there is a new twist in the fiscal cliff negotiation in washington, d.c.. as ktvu kilah campbell reports, going over that cliff may be the only way to reach a deal. >> reporter: dave, house speaker john boehner plans to head home today to ohio with no fiscal cliff deal in sight. the two met again at the white house last night but there is no deal on the table. and insiders say there may not be one until january. and here's why. democrats are sticking to their plan to raise taxes on the wealthy. republicans aren't backing down from extending their current tax rates and slashing spending. if neither side budges our company will tumble over the fiscal cliff until january 1st. they can all tell their constituents we tried and it didn't work but now everyone's taxes have gone up and we must
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compromise. a move like that irresponsible and the markets are already reacting to the possibility. more than that in my next update. live in washington kyla campbell. here's a story only on two. oughtness accident of package theft here in the bay area. this is home surveillance video sent to us by a viewer in san jose. a woman just walks up to the front door takes a package that had been delivered just a few minutes earlier and then she walks back to a baby stroller and leaves. our viewer says the package was a box of kids dvds worth a couple hundred dollars. just yesterday morning we told you about daily reports of package thefts in fremont. a san francisco apparel company promises to phase out hazardous chemicals to produce its companies. levi's plans to stop discharging chemical waste watt i. environmentalists have been protesting at levi's and the groups says levi's is setting
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an important example for other clothing companies to follow. outside san francisco newly renovated grand hyatt hotel protest sos -- protestors shouted about the long labor dispute between its workers. now an organization named someone like me is demanding the hyatt corporation put a hotel worker on its board of directors. workers complained about working conditions and low pay. yesterday's protest parallels other protests happening at other hyatt hotels. a pending strike at one of the nation's busiest airport may effect holiday travel. coming up where and why some security officers will be walking off the job in a couple of days. the oakland raiders have been given an extension to try to avoid a local television blackout this sunday. the team has until noon to meet the deadline to sell out at least 85% of its tickets. sunday's game is the home
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finale against the kansas chiefs. they are 3-2. the chiefs are 2- 11. oakland has lost six straight. time now 5:17. sal is back. you have everything under control? >> i don't have the raiders under control. >> well, you and dave you will come together and fix it all. >> we are going to try. good morning. dave is our director here who is is a big raider fan. right now highway 4 is getting busier and it always -- i don't know why it surprises me. people are on the road early on highway 4 this morning is no exception. bay point area is a little crowded. 680 looks good. and 24 is looking good right now between walnut creek and oakland. also the morning commute looks good in oakland itself. this is interstate 880 north and southbound you can see from
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our live picture the traffic looking good. if you are driving into santa clara valley northbound 101 and 280 some of that road work is gone and the freeways are off to a decent start. here is steve. it's amazing. we were talking about this the amount of traffic at 4:35. >> yeah. a lot of people are going places. >> i agree. ten years ago you didn't see that. we do have a weak little system going along the coast. there could be very light rain. closer to the coast you might get rain. mainly cloudy and cool to cold. this cold air is trapped. light rain. but there is not a lot here. couple systems will continue to come in over the weekend giving us a lot of clouds and a little bit of rain. there is just not much in this. maybe next week. but i just have zero faith in the forecast models right now. they are just they are not handling this very well. you can see on satellite radar there is return showing up. we could get light rain out of this. again there is not a lot. most of the energy is going off the coast. as long as the low stays off
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the coast. everything showing signs of just being cloudy and cool to cold. two up in tahoe. this will not be a system up in the sierra nevada. some of that cold air is definitely trapped. it will be a cold, cloudy, chilly day. . cloudy, cool, light rain. forecasted highs struggling. upper 40s or very low 50s. warmest temps will be close to the bay. i think upper 40s to low 50s. over the weekend a total broad brush. tuesday right now looks promising. for rain. >> thank you, steve. weaker than expected click reports in europe is sending the region's markets down. overnight the shanghai scored more than 4%. a strong manufacturing report there boosted confidence in the world's second largest economy. that helped hong kong maybe a
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small gain. taiwan and south korea all ended their trading session overnight with losses. the futures indicate another mixed opening with dow gaining ground. but it did drop almost 75 points yesterday. we're going to talk about more about the fiscal cliff and how it's effecting the markets. the nasdaq starting just below the 3,000 mark today. and keep an eye on adobe systems when it opens. share prices jumped in premarket trading after the company reported better than expected results. adobe earned $220 million for the quarter that ended last month. that is up $49 million from last year. revenue is plat flat. 2013 will be a pivotal year for the transition to a subscription based service including the creative cloud. time now 5:20. you ever think about what other people are searching for online? the most popular things searched on google this year and big part the bay area played in it.
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plus a rocky wakeup for a california family.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. amazing video a san diego family escaped -- this boulder came loose during a rainstorm.
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it rolled 200 feet down a hill. it hit a gas line. crews did manage to quickly cap that leak. the homes living area fortunately not damaged so the family will not have to move out 37 a candle is being blamed for a fire that forced three people from their home in berkeley. the fire started shortly after 4:00 yesterday afternoon. it happened on da lieu is a avenue. fire officials say a candle sparked the fire in the kitchen. bay area travelers may face problems in the new york area over the holidays. nonunionized security officers at jfk airport have voted to go on strike. about 100 employees voted yesterday to authorize the strike for next thursday. a grown up of workers at another company will hold a vote today. the workers direct traffic right in front of the terminals and make sure tarmacs are secure. they say they need more training and better equipment.
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they plan to speak to employees about their concerns in the next few days. the crab boats are making their way back to shore and we're told they caught a lot of crab. now most of the crabs came into half-moon bay docks were big. between 2-3 pounds. lots of it will be in fish maxes and restaurants before noontime today. they are trying to make up for the time they lost when they were out on strike after wholesalers would not pay the previously agreed upon price. the boats that came in yesterdayed that been at sea for a day and a half. they dropped off their catch and they are already back out on the ocean. google has released its top search list for this year. and the bay area is playing a big part. the late singer whitney houston topped the general search list. she was followed by gangham style and hurricane sandy. san francisco number one for travel destination searches and the top search for consumer electronics no surprise apple ipad 3. the number one athlete
5:27 am
search for 2012 jeremy lin. 5:25 is the time. our house, sal, is a lot of searching for justin bieber. surprised he didn't make the list. >> and i searched for gangham style in the initial stages. >> so did we. >> you can also go to if you want to spend a little time on the internet or watch this traffic update. the traffic is doing pretty well on northbound 280 getting up to interstate 880. there is no major problems here. northbound 17 also looks good. we have a dry commute at least so far. steve says that might change. right now it looks good on the sunol grade. and now here is steve. thank you, sal. cloudy skies. cold out there. heard from nicole she is in the marie that -- marina, burr it's cold out there. cloudy skies. maybe a little bit of light rain. this system is more show than go. not very warm today.
5:28 am
under cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. if there is any rain it will be close to the coast. pam. >> thank you, steve. time now is coming up on 5:30. getting guns off the street. the bay area cities hoping for weapons that can be turned in for cash. u.n. ambassador susan rice says she is out of the running for secretary state. the person that is now at the top of that list.
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blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get u-verse tv for $29 a month for six months. rethink possible. good morning, to you. welcome back. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. friday, december 14th i'm dave clark. >> guilt
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>> good morning, i'm pam cook. talking about the cold. will it stick with us all weekend? >> i think so. it's definitely cold out there. we had clear skies for awhile. allowed those temps to settle in. maybe some light rain close to the coast. but this system is staying off the coast. and really weakening. so if there is any rain, it will be very light. temperatures low 50s. right now on interstate 880 traffic here looks pretty good in both directions if you are driving northbound to the toll plaza of the bay bridge it's a nice looking drive. and no major problem there is. also this morning on 80 westbound coming out to the mccarthur maze we're off to a good start. now back to the desk. thank you, sal. topping our news two cupertino schools will reopen but that is after a threat against a high school teacher. students will be greeted with extra security. ktvu channel 2 reporter janine de la vega joins us now from cupertino with more on this
5:32 am
continuing investigation. >> reporter: pam, school opens up here in the next two hours here at monta vista high school. we saw a security guard from the school district parked out here overnight watching the school. there will also be law enforcement presence on or near campus. yesterday morning the school was closed because of threatening graffiti was found. it said a bomb was planted at mota vista high school to kill a specific feature. the bomb unit and canines made a sweep of the school but nothing was found. authorities are not case closing -- are not disclosing how many threats were made. >> a crime still has been committed. we have been following up on a couple different leads right now. >> reporter: yesterday the male teacher that was threatened was
5:33 am
protected by sheriffs deputies and extra security will be in place for that teacher today. students tell us he is well liked and popular. so far they have not uncovered any specific reason why that teacher was threatened. again monta vista high school and lincoln elementary the two schools that were closed will be back open today. reporting live janine de la vega. police in fremont are looking for a man they say walked into an islamic center and threatened to kill everyone inside. we'll have more on the evidence left behind that could help police track down that suspect. time now 5:32. a $10,000 reward is being offered to solve a homicide. a man was shot to death on 83rd avenue and d-street. the up identified 49-year-old man died at the scene. so far no arrests have been made. the investigation goes on. this was oakland's 122nd
5:34 am
homicide of the year. there were 105 at the same time last year. we're also getting more information about the young man who was shot and killed in a quiet san jose neighborhood earlier this week. he's now identified as 18-year- old john cody sonnenberg. graduate of lee high school. his body was found on fair haven drive near that pickup truck that was up on a sidewalk. emergency crews thought the injury was from that crash. but they later found out he had been shot. police say there is no evidence this was gang related. police report a string of pharmacy robberies. three in just two days. safeway in dublin was locked down for about an hour yesterday afternoon after the pharmacy was robbed. in pleasanton police responded to a rite aid pharmacy. employees reported an attempted robbery there about 12:30 in the afternoon. and a similar robbery attempt happened wednesday night at
5:35 am
lucky pharmacy. time now just about 5:34. there is a scam to tell you about. this one is targeting holiday shoppers in vallejo and involves fake ipads. tara moriarty is in vallejo with the warning police are sending out. >> reporter: here's an ipad you can see that the back of it here is silver. and police say that scam artists are using silver picture frames similar to this one and with a sticker cut out like an apple to trick people. they discovered the fake ipad boxes when they pulled over somebody having fake ipad boxes. detectives believe that person was intending to sell them for a cheaper price. inside the boxes police say they found reply cast of ipads wrapped in bubble wrap in order to hide the true features. it's not clear how much they were going to be sold for or
5:36 am
where they were going to be sold and no arrests have been made. but we are not sure if this is part of a larger ring. always remember to completely open up any product and inspect it before purchasing. if you were a victim of a scam like this similar to this, you are urged to contact the police and starting today if you plan on doing holiday shopping in vallejo, police will be stepping up patrols around the shopping area malls as well as the downtown area. live from vallejo i'm tara moriarty. u.n. ambassador susan rice has a private meeting with president obama this afternoon at the white house. a day after she announced she is no longer in the running for secretary of state. in a letter to the president, rice says she is withdrawing her name from consideration in order to avoid a lengthy disruptive conformation process. some republicans criticize rice for not depicting the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya as terrorism. rice will remain a key member
5:37 am
of his cabinet. john kerry is considered the front runner for secretary of state. kerry is known as a foreign policy expert. he's expected that he would face little opposition from his fellow senators during conformation. your time is 5:36. police in oakland and san francisco want to get guns off the streets and they are buying them back. those two police departments will be holding a gun buy back tomorrow from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.. it's for oakland and san francisco residents only. now in oakland the gun drop offs can be made at st. benedict's church. in san francisco at the omega boy's club on tennessee street. each person can turn in up to three guns. you will get $200 for each. the highway patrol and local law enforcement agencies are kicking off the holiday tradition today. they are starting a two-week maximum enforcement period to crack down on drunk drivers. this means increased patrols and extra dui check points.
5:38 am
the maximum enforcement period runs through january 1st. time now just about 5:37. sal is back. i'm sure they are watching along the east shore as well. >> yeah, they do. the last enforcement period over the thanksgiving weekend i did see a lot more police officer from all kinds of agent cities out on -- agencies out on the road patrolling. let's take a look at westbound 80 as you come out to the mccarthur maze. there are no major problems. but it is getting a lot busier in the last few minutes. and you know in the last i don't know fall and winter here we're not officially winter. but we've had more traffic and not friday light. so they're not expecting a live commute at the bay bridge. let's take a look here. traffic is moderately heavy already. getting into san francisco. and the morning commute is going to be okay in the south bay. we haven't had a big delay there just yet on any of the major freeways. now let's go to steve. thank you, sal. a very good morning on this
5:39 am
friday. a lot of cloud cover. not much rain. there could be a little bit but this system is falling apart. it will give us a lot of cloud cover. that cloud cover is socking in and retaining the cold lows we've had. mostly cloudy stays very, very cool. so there is not a lot of rain with this but there are clouds. it's going down the coast and it's already falling apart. cloudy, cold, light rain if it does fall it won't be much. coast and bay favoring that more so than inland areas. definitely not up in the sierra nevada. not only for today but in the weekend. a lot of clouds not much rain. it could pick up on sunday. i don't believe anything the forecast models are saying. they're having a very difficult time. radar does pick up some returns. if it does higher elevations it's cold enough we could get a little snow out of that. if the low went right over us we'll have yes better opportunity for rain. it looks like it's staying off the coast. there in lies a weaker forecast. 30s and 40s. it might come up a little bit.
5:40 am
that cool air is definitely trapped. it looked good yesterday. by the time it arrives the jet stream is split. cloudy, cool. light rain i'll mention it. more just to cover myself. upper 40s and low 50s. couple degrees warmer maybe near the coast and bay. really staying below average on the temps. same could be said for your weekend. could be off and on occasional rain. time now 5:39. john mcafee now in miami talking about his reason from authorities in belize. what he's now saying about his reported heart attack while in guatemala. caught on tape the new video look at this showing an officer involved shooting inman theca. the new lawsuit being filed by an oakland attorney. good morning. westbound 24 the traffic here looks pretty good coming up through the tunnel. tell you more about the morning commute and bay weather.
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5:43 am
good morning. cloudy skies. there could be light rain but generally cloudy and cool out there. upper 40s and low 50s for many today. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we are following for you at 5:42. it was a magnitude 6.3 earthquake this morning. it hit off the coast of southern california just hours ago. no tsunami warning was issued and there has been no word of any damage or injuries. the owner of a fremont machine shop hope to resume operations at a nearby location. experts believe that sparks from grinding metal parts triggered the fire at cnh enterprises. the family owned business makes
5:44 am
components for the high-tech and medical industries. two cupertino schools will be reopening this morning but security will be tighter. this after a monta vista high school teacher was threatened. graffiti found on several areas claim there was a bomb out there. lincoln elementary school also canceled classes yesterday but no bombs were found. san francisco police officer is now on administrate i have leave -- administrative leave after a joyride in a lamborghini appeared on facebook. it claims he and his friends were drunk and going 100 miles an hour through the broadway tunnel. the sergeant has e-mailed us saying he did not drive that fast and that the drunk comment was quote tongue and cheek. there is new disturbing video showing the moments before and after an officer shot and killed a man in manteca. now an oakland attorney is fighting against the police
5:45 am
department. we want to warn you this video is graphic. >> now this video was released just one day after the officer was cleared of any wrong doing. the shooting happened back in 2001. officers say they were forced to fire shots after the is suspect pulled out a knife. >> i don't understand how you know this happened. i see my son and sure he's coming out of the car, but there is no -- nothing there that shows that this officer, trained officer, was threatened. >> oakland attorney john burres filed a lawsuit againstth city of manteca and police department claiming excessive force, malicious conduct, and wrongful death. the european court of human rights ruled the rights of a german man who was mistaken for a terrorist was violated by the government of macedonia and
5:46 am
cia. khalid was seized in macedonia, turned over to the cia, brutalized and detained for months in afghanistan. this is all part of the cia rendition program. that is where terrorism suspects were taken to third countries to be interrogated. the court ordered macedonia to pay them $78,000 in damages. police in fremont are searching for a man that walked into an islamic center and threatened to kill everybody inside. police say everything was caught on tape. on wednesday police say the man walked into the ikic center and told everybody he had a gun. police are not sure if the threat was based on religion or if that mosque was the target of another crime. >> well, it's christmas, you know. people are going back and forth. a lot of busy maybe you need money. i couldn't say exactly what was his intention to come over here. so i hope just not to happen
5:47 am
again. >> police say the suspect possibly drove off in a 1990s gray toyota camry. police are adding extra patrols around that mosque to keep an eye out for anything suspicious. john mcafee now in miami said he faked a heart attack while in guatemala to avoid being sent back to belize. >> of course it is a ruse. there was a three hour time limit before the judge ruled against us and he could file an appeal. if nothing happened i would have been returned to belize. unfortunately the pressure gave me a heart attack so i had one. >> many miami mcafee is something of a tourist attraction now. constantly followed by reporters and posing for photos with tourists. so far u.s. authorities have not made any efforts to question him after he spent weeks of evading police in belize. time now is 5:46. the miterer shower is a better sky show than usual. the people who gathered in the oakland hills were able to see
5:48 am
as many as three shooting stars a minute. at the peak of that meteor shower. that is because there were few clouds out there and there is a new moon which made it perfect to watch the sky. look at that. if you missed the show early this morning, you can try again late tonight. it's expected to be just as good. also a light on top of mt. diablo could be shining a little bit brighter. coming up. more on the fund raising every -- fundraising effort to preserve a historic landmark. >> i'm going to try again to see the meteor. i didn't see any last night or this morning. 5:47 is the time. sal is starting in the east bay. how does it look? >> it looks pretty good. so far so good. it's getting busier though. i want to warn you 880 north and southbound is doing well right now. it probably won't stay this way. it usually gets busier as we get into the 7:00 hour and really busy at 8:00 along this
5:49 am
particular stretch. northbound and southbound 880 looked good. we are also checking of course the toll plaza. we don't have a big backup in all the lanes but we are beginning to develop one here at the toll plaza. if you are driving in san jose we have been looking pretty good. no news is good news thing. here is steve. sal, thank you. a very happy friday. our little system right there. right there. falling apart. cloudy skies. could be a little bit of light rain. more show than go. it's going to be hard for us to warm up. jet stream split. if it was centered over us and there is hints it might hep next week. lots of clouds. you can see the radar showing
5:50 am
up. there is some picking up. some of that turns to higher elevations. could turn to snow. some of the darker greens off the coast and it's really falling apart. watch here in the last few. watch how it falls apart. and not very warm in the afternoon. systems look good but again when they run into that split jet stream it takes about all the energy away from it. a lot of clouds but not much else. cloudy, cool to cold. chilly, chilly high temps. low 50s for some. upper 40s for mendocino county, lake county. the warmest temps if you can call that will be close to the coast and bay. for your weekend a broad brush. cloudy, mostly cloudy. could pick up a little bit on sunday. more likely on tuesday if things don't change. and believe me they change every 12 hours. twinkies and wonder bread getting a lot of attention. a new report say there is are more than 20 companies that
5:51 am
want all or parking lot of hostess brands. walmart and kroger are named as possible bidders. some potential buyers are interested in buying just the bread or cake divisions. hostess, kroger, and walmart are not commenting right now. the masked mind behind popular bars opening up new markets. brian chee has created niche bars that are between high end restaurants and dive bars. the inventive atmosphere, knowledgeable staff, and signature cocktails keep people coming back. burger king using the 55th anniversary of its popular whopper sandwich to introduce a new variation. between now and sunday you can get an original whopper for 55
5:52 am
cents when you buy another whopper. they are suggesting customers use this to sample the new wisconsin white cheddar whopper or spicey angry whopper. the store chain hit with a multimillion dollar fine punishment facing walgreens over what was found in trash cans here in california. why police officers are arrested at the scene of the plane crash that killed mexican singer star jenni rivera.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
gone. cloudy skies. there could be very light rain. this system is falling apart. yes, it has trapped a lot of cold air. time is 5:54. 2002 mexican police officers were arrested accused of stealing things from the plane crash site where singer jenni rivera died on sunday. items from the wreckage were found at the homes of those two police officers. officials also found pictures of the crash site on the phone of one of the police officers. including pictures of body parts and personal documents. and then late last night a plane carrying rivera's remains landed at long beach airport. a group of fans were there.
5:56 am
that hurste carried her body to a mortuary in her hometown of long beach. cal oh is a shah is -- osha is investigating the death of a construction worker. the 47-year-old man fell to his death from a second story roof. this happened about 4:30 yesterday afternoon at the site of some new housing developments on dwayne avenue. doctors say it appears the work earn hit his head. he was rushed to a hospital. but he died a few hours later. the oregon shopping mall was the scene of a mass shooting. a man and a woman died and a teenager was seriously injured when investigators say 22-year- old jacob tyler roberts opened fire inside the town center tuesday afternoon. roberts then killed himself. his aunt is speaking out about what happened. tammy roberts raised jacob after his mother died of cancer after he was two years old. >> what he did was wrong but as his mother he will always be in
5:57 am
my heart. i love him very much. >> she also says she wants the victim's families to know she is sorry for what happened. the mall is planning to hold a candle lite vigil tonight. walgreens was being sued after investigators found paint, pesticides, and drugs along with confidential medical records in 34 of 37 california stores trash bins. the lawsuit claimed the illegal dumping had gone on for more than six years. the company is paying the fine but says it did nothing wrong. conservationists trying to raise money to preserve a historical beacon on top of mt. diablo. it's it will up every year on december 7th to honor pearl harbor victims. save mt. diablo is stepping up
5:58 am
to raise $100,000 to fix the light and restore the beacon. time thousand now is 5:57. sal, can you get everybody where they need to go? >> yes, i will try. as we look at the commutes i want to show you the south bay the santa clara valley. we are seeing a lot more people on the road. even though it's not really at critical levels. you will notice more people joining this. just look at the south bay in general. santa clara valley here. 101 on the peninsula much better. now back to the desk. there are problems with some inspections by pg&e workers. why the utility is rushing to check under ground electrical equipment here in the bay area. what the owners of that fremont machine shop plan to do next. a lot of cloudy skies. what about rain? we'll have that and talk about the weekend forecast.
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